Business Email

Business emails are an important tool for communication in the modern workplace.

We are able to provide your business with a dependable and secure email platform, along with hosting for the necessary number of accounts. In today’s digital landscape, business email platforms offer more than just email functionality. They often come with a wide range of additional features such as document storage, document software, internal chat systems, and much more to help your business grow and operate smoothly.

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Google Workspace

We are partnered with Google to provide their popular email platform, Google Workspace. With generous storage and a wealth of features, this option is ideal for businesses of all sizes.

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Microsoft Office

We can also provide the well-known and widely used email platforms from Microsoft, Office 365 and Exchange with flexible plans to suit your exact business requirements.

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Email Forwarding

For those that don't want a dedicated inbox but still want the benefit of a professional business email, we can provide email forwarding solutions.

A guide to our email solutions.